Business Leaders United for Workforce Partnerships

Business Leaders United for Workforce Partnerships (BLU) is comprised of employers from a range of industries across the nation who are concerned about our nation’s skills gap, who are working with local partners to train and hire community residents for skilled jobs, and who want our country’s policymakers to follow suit and invest, aggressively and effectively, in the skills of America’s workers. BLU provides a common platform from which these diverse business leaders can jointly communicate to national policymakers, the press and the American public about the effective industry-based strategies they’ve developed which could serve as models for a more comprehensive national skills policy.

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Connecting People to Work

Connecting People to Work features case studies of organizations implementing sector-based workforce development strategies in the health care, construction, manufacturing and restaurant industries, and highlights how policy and economic changes and new practices among education and training institutions are affecting workforce development efforts. It also includes evaluation results and a review of major sector-financing strategies.

The book was co-edited by Maureen Conway of the Aspen Institute, and Robert P. Giloth of the Center for Community and Economic Opportunity at the Annie E. Casey Foundation. June 2014.

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Race-Explicit Strategies for Workforce Equity in Healthcare and IT

By focusing on racial equity in an analysis of workforce development, this report provides leaders and other practitioners with solutions to support workers of color to advance in healthcare and IT careers. The first part of this report provides historical context to the creation and expansion of U.S. federal workforce development policy and the particular ways that system became susceptible to prevailing ideologies about marginalized communities and the nature of work. The second part of this report presents data and stories from practitioners and workers of color that shed light on intraorganizational problems and external barriers to advancing racial equity in the field.

Racial Equity Toolkit for Restaurant Employers

This report identifies the skills and tools that are most critical to supporting all restaurants in moving the needle on racial equity in the industry. The result is simple and straightforward: it can help you identify where racial bias—whether conscious or unconscious— might be operating in the functions or policies of your restaurant, thus creating
barriers to success for employees of color and your business as a whole.

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State Sector Strategies Coming of Age: Implications for State Workforce Policymakers

This report—released by the National Governors Association, the Corporation for a Skilled Workforce and the National Skills Coalition—offers a snapshot of sector strategies today, an overview of what makes them different from traditional workforce and economic development programs and a description of actions that state administrators and policymakers can take as part of a policy framework to support the strategies’ creation and effective operation.

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