Workplace Diversity and Public Policy: Challenges and Opportunities for Psychology

This article outlines both challenges and opportunities for psychology of issues related to diversity in education and work by looking at four groups currently marginalized in the U.S. workplace: women, people of color, sexual minorities, and people with disabilities. An overview of employment participation patterns for these groups is presented, workplace barriers arising from marginalized status are highlighted, and the article concludes with a discussion of work-related legislative and public policy fronts that can be informed and influenced by the contributions of psychologists.

The Workforce Is Even More Divided by Race Than You Think

This article from the Atlantic detailed look at how the labor market is stratified by race, with whites seeing higher wages and lower unemployment, while blacks and Hispanics cluster in lower-paying jobs.

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W.K. Kellogg Foundation Racial Equity Resource Guide

Resources focused on racial equity include journal entries, books, magazines, videos and more. Resources based on areas of focus, related issues and/or types.

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Immigrant Workers in U.S. Construction: Sharing Lessons Learned in Our Unions

CPWR and LOHP produced this report to better inform the labor movement and the entire construction industry on the training and inclusion of Hispanic workers in one of our most hazardous industries. With this report and its resources, we hope to share what these innovative union leaders have learned and make U.S. worksites safer for all. This report is a summation of the narratives, the roundtable discussions and conclusions, and the “next steps” for furthering their work.

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