Racial Equity Toolkit for Restaurant Employers

This report identifies the skills and tools that are most critical to supporting all restaurants in moving the needle on racial equity in the industry. The result is simple and straightforward: it can help you identify where racial bias—whether conscious or unconscious— might be operating in the functions or policies of your restaurant, thus creating
barriers to success for employees of color and your business as a whole.

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Reimagining the Pipeline: Advancing STEM Diversity, Persistence, and Success

Although many nations have had remarkable histories as leaders in science and technology, few have simultaneously struggled with the challenge of meeting the educational and training needs of underrepresented groups. In this article, we share strategies for building the agency of the scientific community to achieve greater diversity by highlighting four key action areas: (1) aligning institutional culture and climate; (2) building inter-institutional partnerships; (3) building and sustaining critical mass; and (4) ensuring, rewarding, and maximizing faculty involvement.

State Sector Strategies Coming of Age: Implications for State Workforce Policymakers

This report—released by the National Governors Association, the Corporation for a Skilled Workforce and the National Skills Coalition—offers a snapshot of sector strategies today, an overview of what makes them different from traditional workforce and economic development programs and a description of actions that state administrators and policymakers can take as part of a policy framework to support the strategies’ creation and effective operation.

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Step-by-Step Guide: Building Next Generation Industry Sector Partnerships

This step-by-step is the product of the past ten years of lessons learned from the sector strategy field across the United States. Th is curriculum was created by a partnership between Woolsey Group, Collaborative Economics, and Genz Consulting (October 2016).

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Strategic Plan to Advance Racial Equity, Diversity and Inclusion for the Portland Region

The Strategic Plan to Advance Racial Equity, Diversity and Inclusion is the culmination of Metro’s efforts to articulate how the agency intends to advance equity in its crucial work in the Portland metropolitan region. The Strategic Plan builds on the extensive equity work that Metro departments and venues have been conducting for a number of years. Moving forward, the Strategic Plan will provide a unified strategic direction and additional focus for the crucial equity work currently underway at Metro, both agency-wide and in specific departments and venues. (2016)

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Uneven Pain: Unemployment by metropolitan area and race

The Great Recession has caused millions of job losses across the country. Many families and communities are
devastated. While every metropolitan area has experienced some negative economic consequences from the
Great Recession, not all areas have suffered equally. This report details the variation in unemployment across the 50 largest metropolitan areas.

The Urgency of Now: Foundations’ Role in Ending Racial Inequity

This article explores the multiple approaches that foundations can use to advance racial equity and prosperity. It first gauges the depth of the challenge that our communities face in racial disparities, then surveys the evolution of the role of philanthropies in addressing poverty and traces the long history of racialization of institutions and systems. Finally, this article focuses on a specific set of approaches used by the Minnesota-based Northwest Area Foundation that others working for racial equity might employ to meet their needs

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U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation Talent Pipeline Management

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation is engaging employers and their partners across the country in developing a new demand-driven approach—talent pipeline management—to close the skills gap.

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